Functions & Duties of various constituents of the office of the Resident Commissioner

Work of the office of the Resident Commissioner is divided among various branches and other units as explained below

Liaison, Protocol & Transport Branch

This branch keeps a close liaison between the State Government and the Central Government to expedite or follow up various important issues including the release of grants under the Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS), Bills and other matters concerning various departments of the Government of India. Whenever any high level delegation visits for investment and business promotion or any officer(s) from the state visits the Capital, all protocol arrangements are made by the office of Resident Commissioner. In addition, cases when any department of State Government is not able to send a representative in a meeting called by the Central Government, the Resident Commissioner (RC) or other senior officer deputed by the RC attends the meetings and conferences. It keeps a close liaison with foreign missions, business apex bodies such as, FICCI, CCI, ASSOCHAM, also with various Government of India Ministries, Departments and Commissions and other institutions situated in Delhi. The branch also arranges appointments for H.E. Governor, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Hon'ble Ministers, Hon'ble Chief Justice, Hon'ble Judges of Gujarat High Court and other dignitaries besides the protocol duties, whenever they visit Delhi.

A transport unit functions under this branch to make transport arrangements for dignitaries during their visit to New Delhi.

It also looks after the repairs and maintenance of Government vehicles and maintains all concerned records including the log books

Establishment & Administration Branch

This branch deals with all matters related to permanent staff, viz. Pension, Gratuity, Increments, Promotions, Service Books, Higher Grade, Annual Confidential Reports, Seniority Lists, Pay fixation and verifications, Leave, Medical Insurance, Postings, Transfers, Vigilance, Right To Information(RTI), Inspection, Accommodation, Provident Fund, etc. It also deals with stores, purchase of items required for office use, manpower management, contractual staff, contingencies, liveries and all miscellaneous office work including court cases, telephone bills, liaison with Govt. departments etc. It processes all proposals received from officers and staff and maintains their personal files, service records and grants all types of leaves, withdrawal for GPF etc. after obtaining approval from competent authority. It prepares reply to questions asked in Gujarat Legislative Assembly (L A Q) and replies to audit.

Information Branch

This branch deals with press and media. It prepares press notes for various purposes including visits of Hon'ble Governor, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Hon'ble Ministers, and other dignitaries whenever they are in Delhi. It arranges tours of press personnel to Gujarat in order to get a wide publicity in National Media. This branch also sends

e-mail news

pertaining to Gujarat appearing in national and vernacular newspapers. It provides to visitors, researchers, journalists, students etc all type of information on culture, tourism, governmental programmes and schemes including socio-economic aspects relating to Gujarat.

Accounts Branch

This branch deals with accounts and budget matters pertaining to Gujarat Bhawan. It also deals with treasury matters and connected statutory obligations. All matters pertaining to audit, internal audit, expenditure on the allotted budget and head-wise reconciliation of accounts is carried out by this branch. It also deals with all functions relating to expenditure control, distribution of cheques and timely payment of salaries and bills. It handles cash and other cash related matters. It prepares budget estimates, revised budget estimates, pay bills, contingency bills, Travelling Allowance/Leave Travel Concession bills and remittances etc. of officers and staff. Processing of the bills as per Government Rules and Regulations. It also maintains all kinds of prescribed registers and records.

MP Cell

MP Cell assists Hon'ble Members of Parliament (MPs) in various matters including providing information to be used for Parliamentary work. It also circulates memorandum on pending issues of Gujarat with Central Government. The staff members assist MPs by providing translation and typing letters. It also collects required information from various Central Government departments and provides the same to Hon'ble MPs whenever necessary

Gujarat Bhawan

Gujarat Bhawan is under the administrative control of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The activities include reservation of rooms, lodging and boarding, reception, housekeeping,

catering, horticulture including upkeep of the whole campus. It looks after the booking and allotment of rooms for visiting dignitaries through an electronic system. It undertakes all maintenance work of Bhawan including Civil and Electrical works, maintenance of rooms, open areas, common areas and staff quarters of Gujarat Bhawan.

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